Switch Diagnostics


Switches are very important track segments allowing the trains to move from one track to another. There are more than 30 different switch geometries and layouts, and switches are often under significant concentrated load at switchover points. Two and three dimensional visual sensors are needed to regularly test switch condition, e.g. appropriate distances between switch-blade and stock rail is maintained, running band is sufficient, rail surface is not damaged or excessively worn, and track geometry is maintained.

RV Diagnostics

TrackVue Z series equipment uses linescan and laser technologies, coupled with the use of inertial sensors to provide a detailed diagnostic of switch areas. For detailed switch monitoring, the equipment may be mounted on a hyrail vehicle that can move on each part of the switch and generate a complete map of the switch area with condition data overlay. The following measurements are made.

Switch measurements
Frog Start and end, condition, severity of defects, track position
Surface defects Area, length, width, severity, track position
Adjacent rail gaps Inter-rail distance measurements in mm to create profiles (e.g. at switch blade), track position
Check rails Start and end track location, condition

The following shows switch defects identified by TrackVue Z series system.

RV Advantage

  • An integrated system comprising of rail profiling, inter-rail distance measurements, track geometry and visual switch defects provides a complete diagnosis
  • TrackVue Z is easy to mount on hyrail vehicles that can provide a full switch inspection system
  • Rail wear and deformation at switches is measured
14 June 2022