Drone Innovation

Autonomous Navigation

Rail Vision brings on-board a wealth of technologies for developing autonomous drones. With Rail Vision senior management’s background in Defence and Military applications, existing work on applying drones in Agritech applications and for Railway Bridge inspection, we are focussed on developing future Drone technologies that will be crucial for a range of applications. Our main focus continues to be Infrastructure Monitoring. Our technological focus for future develops includes:

  • Developing Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) technology allowing drones to operate autonomously using a range of sensors for collision avoidance, path planning and ensuring that they can start and finish monitoring operations autonomously.
  • Fully automated image analytics operations that combine 2D and 3D approaches to have a complete scene understanding capability from where measurements are made without manual intervention.
  • Developing on-board real time processing using ultra high speed AI chips.
  • Development of novel swarm algorithms for effective collaboration between drones