High speed measurementsReal-time critical defect reporting to operational command centres helps improve passenger and goods safety at speeds of up to 200 mph.Read more about our solution
Wayside and train-borne sensor networksRaw sensor data is processed at the point of collection and transmitted through 4G networks for customers to review using our cloud based web-portal.Read more about our solution
Track InspectionSafety based vision sensor track inspection for track component condition and geometryRead more about our solution
Rolling StockMachine Vision inspection systems for underframe rolling stock inspection detect missing and broken components and make wheel wear measurements.Read more about our solution
Rail wheel interactionOur innovative work on rail-wheel interaction provides indirect measurements of abnormal vehicle load on rail at any track position and likelihood of future rail breakages.Read more about our solution
AI powered analyticsSensor raw data is analysed by high speed Artificially Intelligent Computer Vision and Machine learning algorithms in software and embedded hardware.Read more about our solution
AutomationOur solutions remove the need for manual track and rolling stock inspection and use of hand-held tools for measurements.Read more about our solution