TrackVue Series ZVisual track inspection and laser profilingREAD MORE ABOUT TRACKVUE SERIES Z
TrackVue Series ZVisual track inspection and laser profilingREAD MORE ABOUT TRACKVUE SERIES Z

TrackVue Z Series

Integrated Track Measurement Systems

Z series is used for Asset Detection & positioning, asset defect detection, rail profiling, track geometry and rail wheel interface measurements. System outputs include

  • Assets positions for switch areas, check rails, level crossings, axle counters, magnets, cables, lubricators, joints, fishplates, welds, etc.
  • Rail joint defects including fishplate missing bolts and cracks, excessive rail gaps and damage at joints
  • Rail fastenings data & defects including rotated and missing fastenings, baseplate defects, missing anchors spikes
  • Rail web defects including weld fractures and rail branding information
  • Sleeper classification (wood, concrete, short or full size) and defect data including cracks, breaks, misaligned, rotten, etc with full sleeper grading
  • Switch related defects including damage at frog or nose, abnormal rail wear, missing components, running band variation, switch blade distance
  • Track geometry measurements including rail type, cant, twist, curvature, gauge, alignments 
  • Bogie pivot acceleration and vibration measurements
  • Rail wheel interface measurements on running surface area, wheel flange and tread contact angles

TrackVue Z series for automated track inspection comes as two models shown above which can be mounted under the train. The first model is liquid cooled and requires a chiller whereas the other model is convection cooled and has a smaller footprint. All models have the following characteristics.

  • An integrated measurement system combining visual measurements from linescan system, rail wear measurements from laser system, and track geometry measurements from laser and inertial systems
  • Rail wheel interface measurements use data from this series equipment
  • High quality sensors: (a) Colour/monochrome camera options,Pixel resolution up to 0.2 mm at low speeds (default set to 0.5mm/pixel upto 160 kmph), Line rate up to 200KHz, image resolution: 2048 x 2048 pixels (b) Inertial sensors of tactical grade (b) Laser: resolution 0.2mm; profile with 2048 points; spacing between samples at 160 kmph is 25 cm.
  • Built-in LED lighting for all weather operations, 400,000 lux  @ < 250mm distance, LED length 110-2150 mm long, IP67 or higher rated
  • Operational Voltage: 24VDC, typical power consumption 6.5kW
  • Expandable storage, 48Tb+ on-board storage
  • Dedicated management software for remote control and cloud interface
  • On-board real-time data analysis, offboard data re-processing available

The following video shows TrackVue Z making sensor measurements with vehicle speeds reaching 100 kmph. The lighting on rails, rail wide and pulsed lasers in blue are visible.