Goods Safety


Tracking of railcars and other mobile assets in Railways is very important. Knowing where these assets are allows better resource management. Freight wagons are especially important to track at loading bays and in transit. Quite often delays in loading need to be identified earlier to manage a dedicated freight corridor with efficiency. At a basic level, a simple GPS tracker can track the wagon and supply this data to the customer. When dealing with tens of thousands of railcars, individual trace positions need to be further analysed with AI software to show relevance, i.e. what does it all mean? At any time instance, reactive decisions can be taken with location data, e.g. what to do where a railcar is stationary or loading beyond acceptable time limit. Once historical data accumulates, machine learning systems can provide data on hidden mobility patterns over time highlighting areas with regular bottlenecks, and typical issues each time that cause them.

Train with wagons loaded with grain moves at sunset along the pipeline

RV Approach

Our approach is to work together with suppliers of GPS tracking systems optimised for tracking vehicles, and containers. The main challenge is to optimise available solutions for railway applications and built an entire decision making layer and tools to help customers that uses data from multiple GPS devices. In some cases, devices may not use cellular networks and may be built around specific satellites. RV Cloud becomes the main data storage hub for all device data that is transmitted; a postprocessing data layer evaluates mobility data with a set of rules given by customers to define abnormal behaviour which may be prioritised for action.

A key challenge for most tracking devices is giving the best performance, i.e. longest battery life with most frequent location updates, at a price point that can work for railways where tens of thousands of railcars need to be fitted with such technology. Our approach it to work on renewable energy solutions with minimal ongoing operational costs. A rugged IP67 solution is provided to deal with harsh conditions.

RV solutions in this area are in a trial phase expected to be launched as a product in early 2023.

23 June 2022